Collage aus vier Bildern, zwei zeigen jeweils eine Gruppe Menschen in einem Innenraum in einer Arbeitssituation, die beiden anderen zeigen handgeschriebene Notizen auf Brown Paper bzw Post Its


Sustainability and climate protection are the social issues of the present and future. We have set out together, because as a network we can share knowledge and experience, help and learn from each other. 

Since last year, we have been working together in an open and constantly growing group of neighbours from Aufbau Haus to take action together and make our world a little better on a small scale.

Our sustainability working group usually meets once a month. Contact:

Who we are

Misha Bock & Thomas Fertig ___ Aspe e.V.
Katja Jaeger & Friederike Simon ___ Aufbau Verlage
Sebastian Bissinger & Laure Boer ___ BANK™
Susanne Grunewald ___ Junge Tüftler*innen
Melanie Bossen ___ Modulor
Edgar Rodtmann 
Dr. Christoph Emminghaus ___ Syspons
Stefanie Aehnelt & Anna Koch ___ tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg
Klaus Henke & Jakob Göbel ___ Zinken & Zapfen
Holger Fuchs & Bianca Janssen ___ Aufbau Haus