J.A.W with Theo Parrish all night long (8h extended set)


Theo Parrish.
All Night Long.
8 hour extended set.
First record. Last record.

In Collaboration with Carhartt Work In Progress

A man who spins all-night and this June with J.A.W is no exception. Chicago-raised and Detroit icon Theo Parrish takes dancers on a musical journey keeping the mixes real and slick. With Sound Signature turning 20 years recently it felt right to offer Theo hist very first Berlin All Nighter. He will play the first & the last record. No warm up. No closing. TP only.

A man of many projects, his latest W.O.K.E radio station plays carefully picked tracks 24/7, reminiscent of his now infamous unrelenting sets. It has been 20-years since the release of the staple 'First Floor' album, on his then freshly-founded label Sound Signature. This unique record with the classic Detroit underground music quintessence has been on heavy rotation for our Family.

Last time we had the pleasure to invite Theo to Berlin was for our celebrated 10 years B-day Family Reunion and we know this 8h set is going to have that special moody atmosphere only TP can bring. Definitely time for a rewind with our good friend. Let's make sure we keep dancing until that summer sun rises.

Presented by zitty Berlin | ASK HELMUT | Digital in Berlin | hhv Records


Fr 15.06.2018 | 23:00 Uhr