Italo Cosmic Disco


Il Mitte | Quotidiano di Berlino per italofoni & Prince Charles are happy to invite you for our first Italo Cosmic Aperitivo.

Daniele Baldelli (Cosmic Sound)
Tiger and Woods (T&W Records / Running Back)
THE IVORY BOY (Money Sex / Agogo)
Dieta Berliner (Pakalolo Soundlab)
Shy Dolphin (Il Mitte)
Andrea Zadro (Il Mitte)
Djane AlienSlut (Il Mitte)

Discover the real Italian life style by following rule #1: First drinks, then food! Bring your friends & fam early to start your evening with A-typical Italian Aperitivo. Followed by our favorite Italian dough topped with fruity tomato sauce and creamy cheese very well known as pizza!

While you satisfy your basic needs with a selection of tasty food and drinks, we round up the evening and night with authentic Italian Cosmic Disco until first light (and maybe even longer).

Free entrance till 22 H! (no stamp, no re-entry after 22 H)

All Aperitivo drinks only 3,50 EUR until 23 H:

Aperol or Campari Spritz
Campari Amalfi
Negroni Sbagliato
Crodino Non Alcoholic

Pizza and more by

Berlin Makes Pizza - Accademia Pizzaioli Berlin is a project focused on improving the quality and the awareness around pizza in Berlin.

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Born in Berlin on May 7th 2012, Il Mitte is the main Italian-language webzine abroad, and it is a favorite media outlet of both Italian expats in Berlin and non-residents that are interested in the hectic life of the German capital. Beside publishing online content, Il Mitte is also involved in the organization and promotion of events, concerts, art exhibitions and conferences.


Fr 27.07.2018 | 18:00 Uhr