Eva non piace

co-hosted by Cause&Effect

Set and industrial designer Martina Dimitrova will showcase her work Eva non piace - an integrated work consisting of a short film, miniature models, graphic design and photography, which the artist conceived for her bachelor of fine arts in scenography at the Film University Konrad Wolf. The photos of the 3D-model, shot by Julian Wiesemes are blurring the boundaries between physical objects and digital representations. The graphic elements of the film were designed by London based artist Camille Walala; the film poster by Yoko Honda will be available at the show opening.

Martina Dimitrova lives and works in Berlin. In her research as an industrial design student she fell in love with the visual language of Memphis Milano. What if this group of Italian designers and architects founded by Ettore Sotsass in 1981 still had an omnipresent influence on our daily lives? Adapting the well-known Memphis aesthetics not just on the set and interior of the film, but also on the fashion styling of her cast, the artist is giving an answer to that particular question.

Eva non piace is a fairytale set in a fictional postmodern city landscape paying tribute to the design and aesthetics of the 80s but also to a variety of other eras. This consistent visual utopia is an ironical statement on postmodern societies evoking from the positive spirit of the 80s. The short film, shot as a classic silent film, is telling the story of Eva - a celebrity living in Italy in the early 80s. Inspired by Italian city architecture, Dimitrova rearranges the positions of old residential buildings in her miniature model. By adding sculptural objects and futuristic elements to their postmodern facades, a playful outdoor scenography is being created.

Camille Walala graduated in Textile Design and successfully established her namesake brand in East London, from where she conquers the world with her powerful positive visual language. Sharing the same interest in Memphis Milano, she contributed the text panels for Dimitrova’s film. Her work will be presented next to a series of abstract still photography of the miniature model by Julian Wiesemes. The soundtrack of the film will be performed live at the opening by musicians of the Jazz Institute Berlin.


Ausstellung am Sa, 08.07.2017 von 12:00 - 20:00 Uhr 



Fr 07.07.2017 | 18:00 Uhr
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