Arnaud Ele & Laura Knoops. An Imprint


Ein Tintenstrich kann nur ausbluten, wenn das Papier aufgrund seiner Qualität in engen Räumen fließen kann. In gewisser Weise trotzt die Farbe der Schwerkraft. Wenn "Eleknoops" arbeiten, passiert etwas Ähnliches. Sie verschmelzen unterschiedliche Ästhetiken, Einflüsse, Genres und sogar Tagesrhythmen, unterstützt von einer Art radikaler Empfänglichkeit für einander und die Außenwelt. In ihrer Fotografie, Mode und Kunst lässt sich eine gewisse strukturelle Tiefe, ein Hinzufügen von Schichten, als Ergebnis ständiger Überarbeitung und der Bewegung neuer Ideen wahrnehmen. 

A stroke of ink can only bleed when the quality of the paper allows it to flow in narrow spaces. In a small way, the color defies gravity. When the two artists of Eleknoops work, something similar happens. They meld disparate aesthetics, influences, genres, even daily rhythms, aided by a kind of radical receptivity to one another and the outside world. In their photography, fashion, and art, a certain textural depth, an adding of layers, can be perceived, a result of constant revision and the motion of new ideas.

“Our work is a balance between art and commerce. We produce for the need of a client and we often face the needs of the market. The commercial and digital aspect acts more an more into the evolution of our photography. The pictures we create are seen in a smaller quality and scale (e.g. social media via a small screen), we are asked to produce in series, clients thinks first about the distribution of an image rather than the image itself, they want us to shoot in digital and bring the analog flair afterwards. Less noise, less analog, more digital, no printing techniques involved anymore.

We wanted to go back to the texture, print, divide the colour layers of our images, understand what makes them powerful, summarise their data and just do everything that we can’t do when we have to sell our images to brands. “Underside” documents this research as it goes along, questioning its own status as a photograph. This process is used as an investigation; about experiments pushing the limits of a photograph, its norms and its legibility.

We are interested in the process, not just the finished product. How an image can be powerful in its other side. It shows the quality of the pictures, it simplify it. It is a reaction, a desire to create, to reply to the visual normalisation of nowadays. Bring the eye of the viewer with our filter.”



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