grafisches Plakat mit gelbem Schriftzug FOLAMOUR in 3 D Ballon Anmutung, der sich zu bewegen scheint, Hintergrund verlaufend orange und blau
Prince Charles
23:00 Uhr

Folamour. A Decade Together


Folamour is announcing "A Decade Together" anniversary tour on February 2024. Almost 10 years since Folamour started touring the World and building something special with his people.   For this special time of his carrer and to celebrate this journey shared with his people, Folamour is doing a tour in four European cities next February: London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Three different venues for each weekend, with smaller capacities than what he’s been used to recently. Coming back to his roots and to what Folamour loves the most felt natural to celebrate this special moment: sharing a feeling of unity and love through music, in an intimiste format.  

Let’s celebrate a decade together, full of love, music, as a family.

Awareness & Safe Space
We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination! If you feel unwell or witness inappropriate behavior please report to the door staff.  

Note: A purchased presale ticket is no guarantee for admission. The venue reserves the right to refuse admission. Purchased tickets will be refunded in that case. 


Tickets 23,- €


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