About Aufbau Haus

Aufbau Haus Prinzenstrasse 84 & 85

In a unique way, the Aufbau Haus at Moritzplatz combines both cultural institutions and creative businesses.

Its name refers to the publishing house Aufbau Verlag, which has been established in the sanified factory building of Prinzenstrasse 85 ever since the house’s opening in 2011. The publishing group of Aufbau and Aufbau Taschenbuch (Aufbau paperback) also encloses the publishing labels Blumenbar, Metrolit, Rütten & Loening as well as both Die Andere Bibliothek (“The Different Library”) and Edition Braus.

The TAK Theatre in Aufbau Haus, the Gallery Kai Dikhas, the STUDIOLO Berlin, the Bookstore Moritzplatz and the CLB Berlin – to mention a few – offer a wide range of cultural events with theatre plays, exhibitions, readings and public discussions.

Tomorrow’s creative heads study at the design akademie berlin SRH Hochschule für Kommmunikation und Design (school of communications and design), and get their working material – just like all constructive people can – at Modulor and its craft and service partners from Planet Modulor. There, printers, carpenters, tailors, goldsmiths and architects allow passers-by to have a look into the production process through the artists’ (vitreous) studios. Next door, Minimum offers design classics for office and living spaces. Meanwhile, the children from Kindergarten Wildfang (“wild child”) play on the roof.

The presence of five self-organizations of Sinti and Roma contribute to a special focus in the new building Prinzenstrasse 84, which was completed in 2015. The Berlin representative office of the Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum Deutscher Sinti und Roma (Documentation and Culture Center for German Sinti and Roma) is based in there, as are RomnoKher Berlin, the Hildegard Lagrenne Foundation, Amaro Drom and Amaro Foro. To supplement the integrative approach, the two associations AspE e.V. and RAA Berlin help children and teenagers including cultural work and education.

Needless to say, there is no lack of culinary supplies at such a place: the scent of Café Rock-Paper-Scissors wafts continuously through the main foyer, Pacifico and Foodbag attract with international cuisine, likewise does Restaurant Parker Bowles. At night, Berlin parties in one of the city’s most famous clubs: in Prince Charles – at Aufbau Haus.

The TAK Theatre’s rooms at Aufbau Haus are temporarily rentable, also are the Stadtterrasse (city’s terrace), the Oranienhof and Prinzenhof (courtyards) and the roo f-decks (No. 84 Floor 6, No. 85 Floor 3). Any requests to info@tak-berlin.de (TAK Theatre, Prinzenhof) or nutzungsanfrage@aufbau-me... (terrace, roof-decks, Oranienhof).

Modulor Material Total
In the heart of Berlin Modulor Material Total has on offer everything your creative heart could desire. Whether design, architecture, model making, DIY or artwork, Modulor has the materials your project requires. Creativity, sustainability, social and cultural diversity – these are the defining coordinates underlying Modulor´s role as a unique and innovative forum linking partners from the fields of trade, handicrafts, design, art and culture.

design akademie berlin
The officially recognised private university of applied sciences offers in-between the creative environment of publishers, agencies and design-oriented companies to innovative and practice-oriented bachelor's and master’s programmes in the fields of communication and design. Modern equipment, Open Workspace, fully equipped film and photo studios, regularly exhibitions, lectures and forums on current topics complete the programme of the university. It is part of a strong network, the SRH University network, which is represented with nine SRH universities and over 9000 students nationwide. 


Distinguished Location by Land der Ideen (land of ideas) 2013/2014

Most Creative Hotspot Of The City 2015 by 99designs