Mark de Clive-Lowe w/ Nia Andrews & Tommaso Cappellato solo


Mark de Clive-Lowe feat. Nia Andrews (live)
Tommaso Cappellato 'Aforemention' solo (live)
JAW Family (DJ support)

Mark de Clive-Lowe born in New Zealand and based in Los Angeles is not just a typical musician. He’s famous for being a veteran of UK’s broken beat movement and for blending the sound of jazz, electronic dance music, funk and percussion into a unique sound. Being involved in collaborations with Lauryn Hill, Jody Watley or Shirley Horn his signature sound appears in over 200 releases. Musical polymath Mark de Clive-Lowe seems an impossibility at first sight: juggling piano, synths, live sampling and beat making all on-the-fly, brought to life with a casual ease that’s mind-boggling.

On the 31st of March Mark will hit the Prince Charles stage and will perform a live show together with L.A. based soul singer Nia Andrews who delivered some quietly powerful neo-soul tracks on her latest EP called “From Here” which came out last August. The night also features Tommaso Cappellato. An Italian musician, producer, DJ and composer who is a musical maverick running the gamut from free‐form techno to hip‐ hop production and jazz improvisation. Mentored by jazz visionaries Harry Whitaker (Black Renaissance), Michael Carvin (Pharoah Sanders) and collaborator with techno master Donato Dozzy, Tommaso’s seemingly unorthodox breadth of style and vision gives us a truly unique new school artist.

Support by HHV.DE | JAW Family | XJAZZ

Tickets include full entrance to the afterparty J.A.W with Jeremy Underground x Skymark starting at 23.00H.


Fr 31.03.2017 | 20:00 Uhr